Sunday, January 1, 2017

Sarah Latimer's Choice of the Month (belated December entry, so I can cover another for January.  Because there's just too much good stuff out there). 

Ok, so Nicole Marotta has taught me everything I know.  My first love is Kahoot.  If you aren't using this review game, you are not hip.  The kids love it, it helps you teach through material as they prep for a test, you can make your own or search them out or share them. Briefly, Kahoot is an online, cloud-based (that means you can't lose it), free Quiz format game which pits your students against each other to get the right answers, and get them first.  You can adjust answer times up and down, and point value for questions.  The top 3 scorers are listed on a podium, and I may be guilty of giving winners Jolly Ranchers.  You'll need a computer and projector, and students will each need a device (phone, Chromebook, laptop, iPad) unless you do the new team player (shared device) format. You can play ghost rounds, so the kids can see how well they do against their "ghost"- their last game's scores.  You can post the Kahoot on Classroom for a test review.  They beg to do these.  And I find the time to insert extra teaching, esp. on questions the class does poorly on (each answer screen gives you instant feedback on what the class' answers are, anonymously).  Speaking of anonymity, you can x out naughty nicknames easily, or insist that your less mature classes use their real names.  I am too old to catch all the innuendo that exists, but they do like making silly names if they can handle it.  The latest spin?  Kahoot Jumble, which allows you to present a sequence of 4 things and have kids order it.  Go to now and get cracking.

Here's a Kahoot of mine for you to try.  The link ought to take you to a screen that allows you to use a phone and your computer to try it one-on-one.  Or find me in my lair any day, IHS 217, and I'll show you.