Thursday, November 3, 2016

ED Puzzle App: Sarah Latimer's Choice of the Month

Ok.  You have an enzyme video that you want the kids to watch during class, but you know that half of them will be watching random YouTube videos.  You have a fabulous EU chemical party YouTube skit, but one of your freshman spotted Hydrogen and Carbon miming a shag in the background during the final 5 seconds. You found the best and funniest explanation of fake science, but John Oliver has a potty mouth.  What is an overworked teacher to do?  ED Puzzle!  This free (with upgrades for $) app allows me to upload any video from the Web or my own sources and slap it on Classroom with the naughty bits excised, the boring parts cut, and the salient two minutes highlighted.  I can write and embed questions which students can't go beyond until they are answered.  Then ED Puzzle tracks their progress:  did they watch the darn thing?  How many times?  On time, or late?  Then it puts all that data in a class folder, from which I can later pull the data, and which I can show to all those who whine that they really DID watch the video in class.  Easy to operate.  You won't need my help, but I live in the upstairs high school faculty room, B 217, 24/7.  Come see me if you want to be walked through it.