Saturday, January 13, 2018

Sick to death of trying to find your files in Google Drive's #*$! search-based file system?  Can't find your stuff b/c you don't remember its exact name?  How about viewing your Google files in an orderly computer file system, the way the far superior cloud-based file synchronization system Dropbox does?  (I have all my stuff in Dropbox, portable to me if I move school systems, but also because it is eminently easier to use than Drive, except for collaborating on a file, for which Google Slides and Docs are unbeatable).  Anyway, fix your file view with this app download (also available on Tech Classroom): .  One caveat:  you can't find here the things which only exist in the Cloud- that is, things you haven't downloaded to the file system from Google Drive.  If you search for something and it's not here, remember that it may be that you or a colleague created it in Drive and didn't file it here- you'll have to search your Drive by name or date, and remember how bad it used to be.