Thursday, March 16, 2017

Classroom.... You go to share a Word or Google Doc, and it won't give you its ever-helpful "create a copy for each student" option.  Always when you need it most.  What gives?  Finally, I got to the bottom of what I thought was a bug.  From Classroom Help (turns out all I had to do was ask... click on the "?" on the bottom left of your screen, and ask.  My reply was immediate:

Hi Sarah,

Thank you for reaching out in the Google For Education forum. Make a copy for each student is available when first creating an assignment before clicking the blue ASSIGN button. If you go back to edit the assignment, you will only see students can view and students can edit. The blue button will say SAVE.

You can use the REUSE post feature to post the assignment again, making sure that you select Make a copy for each student before clicking ASSIGN. Then delete the original assignment from the stream.