Monday, February 13, 2017

Tired of sharing that perfectly aligned CP2 taxonomy document with the CP1 teacher, only to have her erase half of your taxa and all of the page numbers, so it matches her curriculum (sorry, Lori!) but is useless, now, to you? Wondering if she's doing it out of spite?  Save your relationships!  Share safely with your colleagues!  If you want to force anyone to make a copy of your Google Doc, Slideshow, Sheet, or Form, simply copy the URL .... BUT  before you send it, amend it.  See all that stuff after the slash in Lori's copy? Starts with the word "edit"?  get rid of that stuff, and write in "copy" after the slash, as in the second URL. This forces the receiver, when opening, to make a copy.  Had Lori but known, I wouldn't have ruined her night's work.

Try it yourself.  Copy and paste the first URL, and mess with Lori's Doc.  (less blame for me).  Then copy and paste the second URL, and notice the difference.  Cool, huh?