Monday, September 12, 2016

Adding a Guardian to Google Classroom

The new guardian feature in Google Classroom helps keeps parents/guardians informed of assignments and class announcments.

First Turn on guardian email summaries

By default, guardian email summaries are turned off, but you can turn them on for your class. 
  1. Click your class and the Students Tab.
  2. Under Guardian Email Notifications (located on the left side of the window), click Include this class to On On
  3. (Optional) Check the box to add all your classes to guardian summaries.
  4. Click Add.
Google Classroom has a new feature called Guardian.This feature allows you to add a parent/guardian's email address so that they get email notifications about upcoming assignments, missing work, and class assignments. 
If you can’t invite or remove a guardian, contact your administrator for help. 
  1. Click the class.
  2. At the top, click Students.
  3. Next to a student’s name, click Invite Guardians.
    To invite additional guardians, next to the student’s name, click More More and then Invite guardians.
  4. In the text field, type a guardian’s email address.
  5. Click Invite to send the invitation or Add Another to add another guardian email address.
If an invitation has been sent and the guardian hasn’t yet accepted, you’ll see “(invited)” after the guardian's email address. After a guardian accepts the invitation, you and their student will receive a confirmation email and the guardian’s full name will show next to the student’s name. For privacy, students don’t see the names of other students’ guardians.