Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Tackk.com for Digital Projects or Student Portfolios

If you are looking for a free, easy way to share content with students, parents or other teachers, you should check out Tackk.com.  Tackk is a free digital creation platform where teachers and students can create, collaborate and share content to support in-classroom learning.

If you use Tackk with students, they will be able to:
  • Create digital pages, online reports and assignments building their school portfolio
  • Create a Tackkboard that includes text, photos, video, audio, maps and links
  • Collaborate and communicate with the teacher and other classmates
  • Keep track of project details and share creative work
  • Access Tackk from any computer or mobile device with Internet capabilities and receive notification reminders via email (if of age)

The only information required from students to set up a Tackk account is their name, email and a username and password, or Google or Edmodo login info. For students in grades without Google login info, a teacher could set up classroom Tackks under their account for their students’ use.

Another way to use Tackk is to create digital portfolios for your students.  I have created a Tackkboard for each of my students and I’m using them as their writing portfolios.  At the beginning and end of each writing unit, I scan their pre and post assessments and saved them in on my Google Drive.  For each assessment I created a button on each student’s Tackkboard that included the link to that document on my Drive.  Now I have a digital writing portfolios that I can share with students, parents, current year teachers (ELL, Reading Support, Special Education) and next year’s teachers too!  I was able to set up privacy settings on each Tackkhoard so that it is password protected so it restricts public access on the internet.  

Check out these photos of my students’ digital writing portfolios…

Teacher Tackkboard with student individual Tackkboard portfolios:

Here is an example of a Student Tackkboard being used as a digital writing portfolio.  If you click on a button you are brought to the scanned image of the student’s writing.

Tackk can be used in so many ways!  If you want to try it out and you have questions, I’m happy to help!