Wednesday, October 28, 2015


What is screencasting you ask? Screencasting is the process of using an app or website to create short video/audio clips of what you are doing on your computer. Teachers can use screencasts to teach a concept or skill. Screencasts clips are often used in blended learning and the flipped classroom. Students can use screencasting to teach a concept or show how they are thinking. Screencasting can be very powerful.

Excellent Student Example: Making Thinking Visible (2nd Grade Student) Watch how this student works to solve a math problem.

Teacher Example

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Resources for Creating Your Own Screencast:

1. Screencastify-  Is a Google extension that allows you to capture what you are doing on your computer screen.
2. Educreation - You can use education on a computer by going to their website or with the iPad, there is an app. Educreations allows you to capture what is going on within the tools/app itself. For example you have the ability to write and draw using Educreations.
3.  Explain Everything - A wonderful application for the iPad that allows you to create lessons for students, and is also very useful for students sharing their own work and understanding.